Poppable Perfection. Cinnamon Mini Donut Muffins!

Breads and Muffins / November 26, 2013

I tried this recipe from averiecooks.com the other night, because I thought they looked like a divine way to overcome a day filled with bitterness. “Feeling crummy? Overdose on sugar!” I always say. At least a food coma is better than most other kinds of torture. Turns out they did the trick. And just like she says, they are “poppable,” and very low on the guilt scale; unless you eat 15. (I won’t tell!)

Check out this easy recipe. I found that mine needed to cook a little longer than what worked for Averie. And, as with most baking prep, DO NOT OVER STIR THE BATTER SO THEY STAY LIGHT.

Thanks, @averiecooks for a wonderful recipe.

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