My first cookbook, “An Introduction to Bling Cuisine” positions menus as stories, and food as art!

When I put on my apron, my whole world slows down. My senses take over and I feel the thrill of planning my next meal erase any stress I felt during the day. If this is a mood and a feeling you’d like to cultivate, this book is for you.


I reintroduce you to thrill of food so nourishing becomes something you anticipate with passion. Once you see how sacred the table can be in connecting people, ideas, and adventure, the privilege of cooking for others becomes clear. Discover what Bling Cuisine can do for you!

“Your cooking style is beautiful, approachable, complex, memorable and of course tasty! For me, when I have really good food, it’s more than just taste. It’s a feeling or an experience. I feel that when I cook with you.”
~Jaren Thueson, student


“Did I mention Camine is an amazing artist with food? ~ Sheila Fleming




Book Reviews & Testimonials:

…The best thing you will do all week

Camine’s food is absolutely DIVINE. From football game appetizers to exquisite entrees, she takes the guesswork out of which spice works with which dish, which side would best accompany this entrée, etc. Her meatballs, pastries and entrees are absolutely delicious. Her recipes also provide a level of cathartic therapy and self-care that come unexpectedly. I highly recommend taking an afternoon or evening to make one of Camine’s dishes and pour yourself a nice little glass of wine. It’ll be the best thing you do all week. ~ Adrian Kuck


…we had orange and ginger beef last night. (Page 50) Your cookbook has raised our palates to the highest levels ever. Every time I see Sheryl looking at your cookbook, I know it’s going to be a great day. ~ Paul Ihle

…An Event for the Senses!

Having been blessed to be invited to Camine’s dinner table more than once, I can assure it is far more than a meal. It is an event for all the senses. Originality and hospitality combine at soul satisfying levels. Planning, preparation, and plating are executed to perfection, and that’s the hallmark of a Bling Cuisine dinner. Not only is it practically artwork on the plate, the combination of flavors and conversation make it a soul satisfying event! ~ Alan Banks

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“I love that this cookbook is not overwhelming; that she gives hints and ideas about how to make these recipes your own. Great pictures and detailed directions so you know what you will end up with! Her personal messages and notes about each dish are awesome…. Push that button and buy this, you wont regret it! I’ve already purchased a few extra to use at gifts for Christmas… congratulations and thank you to Camine for bringing “Bling” to my kitchen!”  ~ (Amazon Review)


“This cookbook can both help a beginner or thrust a hobby cook like myself, into a new world of flavors and techniques. My husband, two year old daughter and I all love the creations (and the photography – wowza) in this cookbook. You won’t regret it!!!!!” ~ (Amazon Review)

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