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Being in the kitchen ignites all my talents and I consider gathering around a table a sacred place. Even the act of sitting together around food elevates the human soul like no other event. I am Camine Pappas. And I Feel Like Cooking isn't just a cooking website, it's a glimpse into a laboratory of imagination. It is here that I invite you to see cooking through the lens of gratitude and wonder, so you can't wait to get in the kitchen.

As you peruse my recipes and read my food stories, you will see the deep significance I assign to the act of nourishing others. So, thank you for being here and getting lost in your search for something beautiful to make and serve to others.

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Let's think about food preparation as art, and flavors as adventurous stories. Say ‘goodbye’ to safe sequences, or copycat flavors, and use your senses to curate the perfect meal. My recipes help your kitchen come to life as I share anecdotes about food chemistry, and fun shortcuts that conquer menu-mediocrity. My cooking style is one that combines everyday ingredients into sensuous layers that wake up the bored palate. I reveal easy-to-understand tips, tricks, and hacks so everyone can prepare and serve Bling Cuisine with confidence and joy!