Recipe Developer, Creator of Bling Cuisine

What I believe about cooking, food, and friends.

That’s me, the squirt in the apron cooking with my mother and learning how magical a kitchen can be!

From the beginning I have always been creative. Music, drawing, writing, designing and now cooking have all consumed me in some form or another. But the cooking seems to ignite all my talents. I see the deep significance of nourishing others as a way to heal wounds, answer all questions, and show love to others. And I believe fully that food is the metaphor for all of our experiences.

Cooking also allows me to entertain and connect with those around me. It helps me learn about people and to awaken their palates with something new and memorable. For me heaven would be a giant table of friends and I am cooking, laughing, sipping, devouring and even comparing a few celestial recipes!

During the day I spend my time as an entrepreneur, managing my own Creative Design Firm, C and Company. Acting as a Brand Therapist and Visual Designer, Writer and Consultant for over 20 years. But in the evening and at any moment I need sanctuary, I will probably tell you that I just feel like cooking.

Come and join me in my kitchen.