Bury me with a piece of this Pecan Pie.

Desserts / November 20, 2013

I understand it now. It’s the essence of being Southern, this sharing of something to eat that seems so complicated, but in actuality, isn’t at all. Accessible, yet luxurious, devouring it is the cook’s way of making you feel you owe someone, and you assume that you need a pedigree to take a bite. Suddenly you feel guilty about not going to church, or paying for groceries for that little lady ahead of you in line. Dang, you should have dropped that penny you found on the street, into the tips bowl at Starbucks.

What could bring you to reflect so severely on your entire self worth? I’m speaking of Pecan Pie. That little slice of velvety caramel indulgence topped with crunchy decadence, supported by a flaky, buttery and light crust that cradles every amazing morsel.

I’ve avoided making pecan pie because I couldn’t bear the thought of making it incorrectly and being banished for my transgression. And, well, because if I knew how to make it, I’d eat the whole dang thing and hide the evidence, adding a layer of criminality to a mid-week meal that would hard be to reconcile when I do go back to church. Here’s the truth of it. It’s so easy it IS criminal. It’s so good, you don’t CARE!!!

I decided to try a version from the Loveless Café, featured on an episode of Paula Deen’s show. Also, I settled on it because the light corn syrup in this recipe makes it look so pretty. if you promise to try hard not to slather it all over you, I will present the recipe here, because everyone deserves a little Southern blackmail every now and then.


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