When nothing makes sense, food comes to the rescue. (A little hot and spicy pineapple salsa helps, too!)

Main Course / April 17, 2017
When asked what it is that motivates me as a cook, the answer is simple. You see, I believe good food is the key to world peace. And I’m not kidding.

Think about what it’s like sitting around a table; with strangers even. When someone brings out a beautiful souffle, or a perfectly caramelized roast, or even something as simple as a dessert with melted chocolate, what happens to everyone? Besides the HUGE smiles and moans, I sense an absolute atmosphere of relaxation and joy. Everyone is transported to another place; ready to indulge their senses and be truly sated. And suddenly, if you like it spicy and I like it spicy, nothing else matters for that moment. We ARE FRIENDS.

If I’m the one that brought you that perfect bite of food, (like this really good meal you see here,) I feel like I have super powers. Especially when you look at me and say, “that was amazing.”

This meal, as all my meals, has some fun hidden gems. See the beautiful golden whipped parsnips? They’re not potatoes. So they are VERY healthy. The sweet hint of high quality curry is the perfect compliment to the tanginess of the salsa and brings a wonderful mouth feel to the crunch of the onion and the softness of the pork loin. Such a treat!
I guess when nothing makes sense, food comes to the rescue. Who knew that the most ingenious weapon against evil comes in the form of carbs and proteins? And you don’t even need a dad named Jor-El to succeed.



Sesame Grilled Pork Loin Chops

with Pineapple Salsa and Pureed Curried Parsnips

Serves 4


½ small red bell pepper diced
1/3 C white sweet onion diced
1 stalk celery diced
¾ C canned pineapple chunks cut
into small pieces
2 T flat leaf parsley rough chopped
3 T pineapple juice (if canned was used)
1 T light oil
3 T rice wine vinegar
½ t salt
½ t white pepper
½ t red chili pepper flakes or more to your liking
1 t black sesame seeds
4, 4 ounce boneless pork loin chops
1 t sesame oil
1/3 C mango habanero sauce
3 C cut up parsnips
1 ½ t good curry powder, like Penzy’s “Curry Now” blend
1 t unsalted butter
2 t heavy cream
Salt and white pepper to taste for the parsnips


  • For salsa, mix all ingredients from red bell pepper to sesame seeds and set aside. Boil the parsnips until tender. (I don’t peel them. I like the color and texture of this with the skin on.)When soft, drain. Add the butter, curry powder and cream. Using a fork begin to break down the soft parsnips. Continue to do so until they appear almost pureed, like mashed potatoes. Taste and add salt and white pepper to your liking. Can add a bit more butter if they appear too dry.
  • Marinate the pork loin chops in the sesame oil and habanero sauce for at least 20 minutes while you’re making the salsa and the parsnips. Grill them to medium or about 165 degrees inside. Serve with the salsa over the parsnips and garnish with parsley

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