Veggies Reign Supreme in this Edamame, Fennel and Celery Salad with Candied Lemon and Sesame Dressing

Salads / February 1, 2014

Ed-ah-mah-may. See, that wasn’t difficult at all. You have now added a very important word to your culinary vocabulary! I’m sooo proud of you. What? You’re afraid now you will have to eat it? You should be so lucky.

Edamame is the soy bean from a soy pod. Ain’t that a kicker and so simple. They’re like a large, firm pea, with much the same flavor but MUCH sweeter.

Oh, it’s fennel that has you wrapped around your apron strings. Relax, the licorice flavor is not pungent, and nothing like that of a box of black licorice at the movie theater. It’s simply a flavor profile and it’s marvelous for savory dishes, and a beautiful tuber as well.

Man, you’re getting a little high maintenance. Now you’re worried I’ve put something into your familiar, white-bread and apple pie celery? Nope. It’s all good. Now open up, take a bite and say, “Ah, you weren’t kidding! It is good!”

This recipe is inspired by the Food and Wine Recipe that is linked at the bottom of this article. I added a bit more rice wine vinegar, and please remember to soak the candied lemon in the dressing for about 2 hours. It will soften those tasty little pieces. I added a couple of dashes of the lemon syrup, too. Oh! And instead of black sesame seeds I added poppy seeds. I just didn’t have any of the dark sesame seeds.

Serve these with my quick buttery parmesan herb bread sticks.

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