Summer, and Time, in the Summertime.

Cakes and Breads / June 25, 2018

A whiny and excuse-ridden treatise on time, why I didn’t blog very much, and a lovely pictorial of some of my latest creations. 

Summer is nearly over and I have a quarrel with her.

I think she may have cheated me out of a few weeks of pleasure.

Ninety days, or one quarter of a year, ought to feel equal in some sense of the word to say, spring, which is an explosion of excess, renewal, and leisure, drawing out the passing seconds the same way a new leaf bursts forth from a barren twig: SLOWLY.

​Or winter, now that is a season! She is a master at playing with the notion of time. During the entire cold expanse of it all you are counting the days until you see the first blossom, shivering underneath your thermals as you yearn for the warmth you had cursed just a few months before.

But summer? It vanishes in an instant! Dwindling long before you’ve worn all the new sandals you bought, or nursed a sunburn all the way back to health you suddenly realize it is autumn and you are buying pumpkins, steeping cinnamon sticks, and listening to the hum of your furnace.

And so time belongs to each of us differently.


Nothing like a lemon caper sauce over seared pork medallions and bacon wrapped asparagus with orange vinaigrette.


A luxurious combination of heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sweet watermelon, and balsamic reduction.


Peaches caramelized in butter, brown sugar, and bourbon make the perfect hand-sized galettes!
I guess what I’m saying is I lost track of it. Time, that is. Perhaps it is because I did a LOT OF COOKING to fill its scant timeframe, and now is almost over. Sure, it was overflowing with fresh produce, baked bread, spices, sauces, desserts and lavish meals…MMM, and I can still feel them on my palate. Which may explain why you haven’t heard much from me when it comes to my website. I’ve been too busy holding a spatula to keep up.


Butter seared salmon comes alive with a sweet cherry and red wine glaze.


A pear, beef stock gravy is the perfect sweet and umami note with my mediterranean meat balls.


Tomato cheese stuffed mini peppers went to the next level when topped with mint cilantro pistou!


King Arthur Flour never misses the mark. Click the photo for the recipe!


Let’s look at this from the perspective of those I nourished, those who were glad I didn’t disappear to my office every night to tap out my thoughts, instead piling layers of bling cuisine in front of them. And I hope the aromas and flavors exploded on their tongues with sublime bliss.

Summer may have gone quickly but I did what I loved. And even with time and her steady metronome of turning our present into the past, and with only 3 weeks remaining until we all begin dreaming of hot cider and stews, my wish is that every season is filled with good memories, good people, and good food.

“Time” to go cook.

15 spice rubbed pork loin, apple herb gravy, and roasted radishes


Pearl onions and butter braised oyster mushroom with lemon baked cod over honey thyme sweet potatoes


Herb and raisin turkey burgers with roasted brussel sprouts and a light veloute

I can’t even…this was soooo good! Fresh Alaskan trout with a pecan crust and sour cherry chutney with candied white turnips. MMMM.

Five Spice Candied Peach Mini Galettes

Serves 6


¼ t each of Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Cardamom and Coriander
Sprinkle of cracked black pepper
2 T light brown sugar
Dusting of raw sugar
3 T heavy cream
1 package pie crust mix for 1 crust
3 large peaches, unpeeled
4 T butter


  • Slice the peaches into sixths, leaving skin on. Arrange in a saucepan with the melted butter, and add the brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander powder, and cracked black pepper. Let come to a bubble and cook down for about 3-4 minutes. Add a splash of bourbon and let reduce for another 4 minutes. Let cool. When cool arrange 3 to 4 slices in the center of a 5 inch round circle of rolled pie crust dough. You should have about 8 discs of dough. Brush the crust with the cream and dust with raw sugar. Bake in a 400 degree F oven until browned, about 15-20 minutes.

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