Rule of thumb….there are no rules!

Rule of thumb….there are no rules!

Misc. / February 2, 2015

In my design business, there are a lot of rules that must be followed. Especially when preparing a document for print or output. You can’t just hope that something turns out right, you have to take steps to insure it will. Measurements, process color percentages, bleeds on documents; and so many more. Violate those rules and, well. No fun.

I think that’s why I love cooking so much. Sure you have to measure more adeptly when baking. I mean, without leavening a cake won’t rise. Without oil, meat will stick, and so forth. But I love the fact that you can take building blocks and create new combinations almost every time. It makes me feel so free and creative…and rebellious as well.

Take this quick recipe for baked chicken thighs. Colorful, balanced, and composed with just things on hand. The only rule? be nice to the person sitting next to you. The rest! Nosh on!

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Let's think about food preparation as art, and flavors as adventurous stories. Say ‘goodbye’ to safe sequences, or copycat flavors, and use your senses to curate the perfect meal. My recipes help your kitchen come to life as I share anecdotes about food chemistry, and fun shortcuts that conquer menu-mediocrity. my cooking style is one that combines everyday ingredients into sensuous layers that wake up the bored palate as I reveal easy-to-understand tips, tricks, and hacks so everyone can prepare and serve Bling Cuisine with confidence and joy!


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