Rites and Bites of Passage. A Daughter’s Sparkly Shower!

Misc. / July 24, 2015


Delicious quinoa, roasted garbanzo beans and greens salad at Townhouse in Birmingham, MI.

I can credit my mother for several things that have come in very handy throughout my life:  I know how to assert myself graciously but effectively, I know how to chew gum in public, and I know how to tie a fabulous bow. The latter came in very handy two weeks ago when I helped “assemble” my daughter’s dress for her fancy bridal shower. Accompanying the silk sash was a huge, rhinestone broach whose filagreed petals turned a plain bodice into a fabulously sparkly canvas for celebration and reflection. And even with all this glitter around us, what did the party planners worry about the most? Yes, the meal.

We spent a week meeting the family, eating amazing meals, and visiting old friends. And each of those events took place around a table. With that said, I thought the trip was worthy of a blog post, and a few photos. Why?


My daughter displaying the decorations of the bride to be: ring, corsage, and that fabulous bow!
Well, let’s face it. You can only be poetic about how flour and eggs go into a bowl for so long and then you need a little variety. Is our plate not the horizontal sphere that showcases our love for others? Do we not anticipate each holiday or celebration with musings over who makes the best potato salad or the lightest, fluffiest rolls? Over the last month, we have been eating out more than in. Paying a bill after the meal, as opposed to cleaning up the kitchen. But there are still a few pictures that have marked the moments. Here is a sampling of some of those feasts, snacks, and desserts from our week in Detroit!


The amazing cannoli cake at the Bridal Shower!


Sour, soft candies on the shores of Lake St Clair.


My date!


Wine and cheese at Partridge Creek.

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