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Breakfast/Brunch / June 10, 2014

Charlotte, NC is slowly evolving into a more sophisticated location for outstanding restaurants. One of my favorites, and a darling of southern fare is Tupelo Honey. This is their second restaurant, the first enjoying phenomenal success and fame in Asheville, NC. Fresh, and inventive, dozens of southern favorites dominate the menu. I love it all.

Last Sunday we brunched our way through a few dishes and I ordered their sweet potato pancakes. That is a bit of an understatement as the two flapjacks were more like loaves. Easily an inch or more thick and sporting a diameter that would make a Frisbee jealous, they were dotted with pecans, and served with a crunchy granola. The only problem, and it was only a problem seeking a solution, was the fact that I had about 4 bites and I WAS FULL. I couldn’t imagine leaving them behind, and no one at the table wanted these tempting manhole covers in their fridge. So, I packaged them up and waited for inspiration.

Not long after reaching my kitchen, and peering in to the paper to-go container, I realized these would make a fantastic bread pudding. I had a bit of french bread left over to stretch them, and eggs, sugar and cream always fix everything. Take a look at this YUMMY repurposed dessert, my SWEET POTATO PANCAKE BREAD PUDDING WITH MAPLE BRANDY CREAM.

Sweet Potato Pancake Bread Pudding with Maple Brandy Cream

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 40


2 ½ to 3 C cubes cold sweet potato pancakes from the restaurant, Tupelo Honey…I know. How do you get those? This was a repurpose of leftovers, so you may not be able to duplicate, but if you have any large, thick pancakes made with sweet potatoes, it will work.
2 cups cubed French bread toasted slightly and cooled.
5 eggs
½ C cream
3/4 C sugar plus ¼ C
1 C milk
1 T salt
1 t nutmeg
2 t vanilla extract
Pecans for garnish


  • Butter the bottom of a small glass dish about 7” by 10” in size with deep sides. Place bread crumbs in dish. Cover with milk/cream mixture. Cook in 375 degree oven for 40 minutes. Let cool. For cream, whip 1 ½ C heavy cream until almost stiff peaks. Add ¼ C sugar, 2 T maple syrup, and 1 T brandy. Whip into cream which will now be slightly less thick. That’s okay! Put on the bread pudding and garnish with pecans and a small sprinkling of nutmeg.

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