Overlooked Turkey Was My Muse

Main Course / June 18, 2013

Friday. You’re so happy it comes you forget you still have to get through it! Sometimes the best remedy is a good old comfort meal. Something with cheese, meat and … tortillas!

Like most dinner ideas, I’m not sure of the final recipe in the beginning. it’s usually while searching three places that inspiration comes: My pantry, my cookbooks, and the internet. This morning, I had pulled out a vacuum packed remnant of my Thanksgiving turkey; a beautiful and intact leg and breast to act as my muse. I had no idea it was in there so the weekend seemed like a good time to bring it to life again. I guess it looked like a stew bone; that’s the ‘overlooked’ part of this recipe. The remainder is a new fave for my family.

Now shredding turkey is a little messy but like many cooking rituals, quite soothing. And given that it was all dark meat, it made a beautiful bowl of lovely, pinkish, base for my enchiladas. In fact I had to stare at those dark colored threads for a good 15 minutes before I hit upon something gooey. I have a recipe for an excellent thai turkey soup but it’s the first of summer. You can’t make soup on June 21. I saw a few recipes with wild rice…blah, blah, blah. Soooo unoriginal. (Not that enchiladas are, but I added some twists that made them more savory and earthy than their familiar counterparts, so I can be sassy about rice.)

Then, there. In my pantry behind the Moroccon lamb sauce and in beside the hot mustard was the inspiration. Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce. And I knew I had some leftover Gouda. In a twist of fate I had just purchased a can of green chile’s too. Guess the universe knew before I did what the next creation would be.

The recipe is pretty easy, just prep and mush it together, wrap it in the tortilla shells, cover with dreamy sauce and cheese and then wait for the “ding!” and dig in.

Overlooked Turkey and Red Pepper Creamy Enchiladas


3 C shredded roasted turkey meat (I used leftover leg and thigh meat from my T-day turkey)
¼ C yellow onion diced
1/3 C red pepper diced
1 ½ C grated cheddar cheese
1 ½ C graded Gouda cheese
1 Can Cream of Chicken Soup, low fat
¼ to 1/3 C milk
Salt and pepper
¼ T ground cumin
½ t chipotle sauce, hot
½ C diced canned green chiles
6 flour tortillas
1 bottle Trader Joes enchilada sauce
Arugula for plating
Sriracha sauce as garnish


  • Combine turkey with next 10 ingredients, using only half the cheeses. Blend with spoon. It should bevery, very moist. If not, add a bit more milk and chiles. Divide mixture evenly among the 6 medium sized tortillas. Not the huge ones. Cover with enchilada sauce, put rest of the cheese on top, cook 375 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Serve over arugula and garnish with lime wedges and sriracha if desired.

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