Mediterranean Meatloaf with Moroccan Date Sauce Paired with Warm Hericot Jaune & Tomato Salad – Oui!

Salads / September 22, 2013

I’m always amazed at how beautifully the french language is when it comes to food. It’s as though the entire thing was created just so you never want to feel anything but hungry. For instance, take the humble green bean. Hericot Vert is the French term. And I’m just flippin’ amore about it. Plus, it gets better. Yellow French Beans, or baby yellow beans are called haricot jaune. Whaaa? Too cool. Yes? It makes the recipe title kinda awesome,as well. I sauteed them for about 5 minutes with shallot, tomato and artichoke hearts, so they were still a bit crisp, then drizzled them with lemon juice. It was all tossed over arugula at the end and looked so pretty I almost – J’ai pleuré toute la nuit. (Cried all night long.)

In any event, I paired the bean salad with a Mediterranean meat loaf spiked with coriander, ginger, raisins and red peppers and ladled a bit of Moroccan Date Sauce over the top for a trifecta of sweet, spicy flavors and lots of vibrant color. it was Trop beau pour être vrai. (Too good to be true!)

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