Looking ahead, or looking at the moment? A truffle can help celebrate the importance of NOW!

Cookies and Bars / October 30, 2014

As I was jogging in the morning air, it occurred to me that I was feeling the sidewalk extend out in front of me, and my feet became heavy and slow. Gosh, that hill looks like its such a long way in the distance, I puffed between gasps for air. I’m not getting “there.” Then I looked down at my feet, and became re-absorbed by the rhythm of their cadence against the concrete. I was aware of the timing of my breath, the rushing of blood against my temple, and finally, saw how quickly the leaves beneath me were going by. It appeared I was speeding along nicely after-all.

How are these two perspectives valuable? Although I am a proponent of optimism, it is not always good to constantly be looking far into the future. First of all, it doesn’t exist. It is a creation we have conjured to help our mortal minds plan for the ‘next’ thing. And because if the immediate furture’s proximity, we often beat ourselves up for not ‘going fast enough.’

In contrast, (although my speed is nothing compared to the cars going by, the jets whizzing overhead, or even the dizzying speed of our spinning planet,) and by looking at where I am right this minute, I see that I am moving forward, creating music with each step, discovering that I am going as fast as I am meant to go, and making progress. At the end of the day I need to refocus and not obliterate the progress I made from dawn to dusk. I have to be ever-present and full of gratitude for each step, each line in the sidewalk, and each benevolent moment I am living.

How can a dessert be an appropriate segue for this story? I see dessert as a celebration. A reward — a sweet, beautiful, luxurious one — for being blessed and full of enough bounty to nourish our bodies. And as I try and celebrate today and the progress I’ve made no matter how far away my goals seem to be, something sweet rises up as the best way to share this idea with you.

If you can make cookie dough, YOU CAN DO THIS. THEY’RE EASY — Tiny, sweet, surprising, and oh, so elegant. Try my COOKIE BUTTER MARASCHINO CHERRY FILLED TRUFFLES! And celebrate short journeys, one step, and one perfect BITE!

Cookie Butter Truffles stuffed with Maraschino Cherries

These no-bake elegant treats are a twist on the usual truffle with chocolate. They’re more of a no-bake with class! Roll in powdered sugar, or sugar and cocoa powder, or cinnamon sugar blend. Top as you wish!


4 T butter flavored shortening
½ C Speculoos Brand Cookie Butter
¼ C + 2 T white granulated sugar
¼ packed light brown sugar
½ t vanilla
¼ t salt
¾ C flour
2 T cocoa powder
3 T powdered confectioner’s sugar
1 t cinnamon
Sea salt
Roasted almonds
Maraschino cherries*, patted dry.


  • In a mixer combine the shortening, sugars, cookie butter vanilla, and salt. Mix well. Add the flour ¼ C at a time until incorporated and the batter begins to lift from the sides and collect slightly together around the beater. Remove by teaspoonfuls, or the size of your choice, and roll in palms into a ball and roll into either the cocoa powder mixed with sugar, the cinnamon and 2 T sugar, or a combination of sugar and cinnamon. I topped the cocoa one with sea salt for a great bite. To stuff, take ½ a teaspoon of the dough and roll it in a ball, then make an indent in the center and place the cherry there. Then do the same with another ½ t and cover and seal the edges gently. Then, roll in your hands like the others and cover with your sugary topping choice!
  • *The number of cherries you choose is up to you. You can make half the batch with cherries and half without. I found that it made about 5-6 stuffed and about 8 unstuffed. But your sizes may vary.

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