It’s Springtime. Let’s revive our spirits with an easy recipe that’s sure to give you more time in the sun.

Main Course / March 3, 2022

It was 81 degrees today my friends. I was in heaven. This called for a ceremonial gesture, so I uncovered my patio furniture and celebrated proper-like, pouring myself a refreshing glass of Pinot Grigio and making a phone call to my best friend. As I pulled back the golden covers, revealing the thick, gray cushions, pewter colored wicker, and brightly colored pillows that have been tucked away since early November, my heart soared. Even after several snowstorms there was no evidence of wear. I am happy to report the chairs looked brand new, inviting me to push myself deep into their softness and sneak in a much-needed afternoon nap.

When spring approaches, like an old friend you’re longing to see, it’s only natural that you begin to yearn for the familiar. To awaken the things tucked away last fall with a melancholy heart suddenly seems urgent and necessary. It had been a longer than usual winter. Even for a whiny southerner like me. Why, I even caught a glimpse of a gorgeous red cardinal which in my mind means flip flop season is just days away.

I love when the weather starts teasing us like this, with her whispers of warmth and late golden sunsets. It begs for outdoor entertaining. And when it comes to food, I look for things that don’t keep me tethered to the kitchen. I want fresh, tasty, and beautiful. I need vitamin D. So, I want something that screams to me to get it on the plate FAST and bring each morsel to my mouth while sitting on said cushions and waving at said Cardinal.

I happy to say you’ll love this month’s recipe for the same reasons, created with one of my all-time favorite ingredients from Olive This! The delicious Cinnamon Pear Balsamic. Over the years I have invented quite a few recipes that feature this sweet but spicy, and very intense vinegar. So just to pay homage to the things that have been tucked away, I reached back and revived a recipe for a stir-fry that was always a crowd pleaser and tweaked it just for you. What I love about it is how quickly it comes together. The marinate, quite frankly, MAKES THE WHOLE THING. And the intentional use of pantry ingredients makes you feel like a genius. Canned pears offer an amazing canvas to soak up all the flavors. Sharp fresh ginger brings in the freshness. And by slicing the pork loin VEEERY thin, it cooks in almost no time at all. It nearly takes longer to grab forks out of the drawer than it does to bring this dish to fruition.

Take a look, download the recipe, dust off your patio, and make friends with the sun. She’s here to stay for months to come.

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