Fancy tomatoes dress up weeknight fish: Pasta With Vodka Sauce A La Mer…so, there.

Main Course / March 27, 2014

This is what I made Wednesday night. It was quick and quite tangy with just the right heat and the fresh taste of the sea. I know my title of this recipe doesn’t make sense. Wednesday’s don’t make sense. So I named this dish what I wanted because it’s Wednesday. And…well, because the name above doesn’t have any kind of warm fuzziness. Because this dish is inspired by the plethora of Italian meals with pasta and fish, I took some creative license…then I took a bite.


Steamed Tilapia over Pasta, with Tomato Vodka Sauce

Prep time – 10 /Cook time – 45 minutes
Serves 2


4, 4 oz tilapia filets or other white fish
1 can diced fire roasted tomatoes
1 large jalapeño diced
¼ C onion diced
3 garlic cloves diced
1/3 C cream
1 – 2 T vodka
3 T olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Pasta Shells, about 2 C cooked
½ C grated Parmesan Cheese
3 T butter
2 T parsley


  • In saucepan, heat 1 T oil. Add the onion and jalapeno and garlic and sauté until fragrant, about 3 minutes. Add the can of diced tomatoes and heat throughout, about 1 minute. Add the vodka and then let simmer for 30 minutes. Add the cream, salt and pepper to taste and a T or so of parsley. Simmer on low for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Pat the filets to dry the surface. Rub a bit of the olive oil on your hands and cover the fish. Season with just good salt and pepper. Place in shallow baking dish. I microwave the fish for about 4 minutes on cook power 3, covered slightly with saran, and then take them out when just slightly opaque on the edges as it will finish cooking after you take it out. You can also place it in the oven, covered, at 375 degrees and bake for about 15 – 20 minutes. If you’d like you can add about 3 T of stock.
  • For the pasta, cook and drain. Add butter, and parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Plate as shown above and serve with good bread and a simple green salad.

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