Doesn’t ALWAYS have to be fancy, does it?

Main Course / October 28, 2013

The world is full of the most spectacular cooking artisans. I am overwhelmed and delighted at the caliber, innovation and sheer genius of these virtual chefs, and love immersing myself in their culinary theme parks. And, for all my excitement, I am also intimidated. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night with new ideas to try. As though I’m on Chopped, on the Food Network, and it’s just me, a secret ingredient, and 10 million viewers waiting for me to fail.

Then I remembered why I started this website, and it’s no more complicated than this. I LOVE TO COOK. Yes, I dream of the day when I will have a kitchen worthy of Michael Chiarello, and perhaps spend an afternoon signing autographs at Barnes and Noble as I release cookbook number 5. But until then, I have to remember that not everything must pass a test, only please those around my table. And that feels noble enough to me.

Enjoy these three simple dishes, Sriracha Spiked Devilish Eggs (One of my friends told me they are the BEST she’s every had…Thanks, Linda!) Blanched Carrots, and Mini Penne and Peppers and Vodka Sauce.

Penne and Peppers in Vodka Sauce

This is so easy it’s not really cooking, but unless someone else volunteers to clean the pans, you take as much credit as you like!


  • Break up 1/3 ground beef, 80/20, and place in large saute pan. Add 1/2 chopped green pepper and 1/4
  • cup finely diced white onion and season with salt and pepper and a generous dash of Coriander powder.
  • Cook all til tender, about 8 minutes, add a bottle of your favorite Vodka Pasta Sauce.
  • Cook your pasta to al dente, drain, add to sauce which has been simmering while the pasta cooks. Let it sit and simmer on LOW for another 5 minutes.
  • Garnish with fresh italian parsley and generous amounts of grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

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