Chocolate: Bringing us to our knees since plates were invented.

Cakes and Breads / November 25, 2015

I believe there is a way to bring the world together in harmony and certainly longing. A way to elicit a smile on demand. A strategy for healing all wounds. Yes. It is Chocolate. Scientists tell us that eating sugar, and chocolate, (the two aren’t always together!) lights up the same region of the brain as cocaine. Yuh???? And your point is? Celebrated and elevated as though it contains the secrets of the universe written on fine papyrus, chocolate just simply connects everyone to joy.

Kinda fun to dress it up, too. Like this super moist, rich, dense, sinful, (I don’t need to go on, do I?) dessert. Look at this. A Chocolate Ganche Cake with Chocolate Ganache oozing and draping over the sides like a lazy mink coat is paired with juicy Raspberries soaked in Kahlua Liquor. Even though you know one bite will put you in a serious food coma as well as instantly make you erupt from your present dress size into one much larger, you STILL PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH.

Yep. The power of chocolate.

Ya know you want some…

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