Capturing The Past, One Ingredient at a Time

Misc. / July 16, 2013

Since starting this website, I am realizing how many recipes I have created that have been lost to the ages. My husband, when trying the first bite of a new dish, always asks, “Did you write this down, or will I never have it again?” A sobering and fair question because for the most part I didn’t write them down. All that kitchen genius fluttering around the universe. But then I realized that’s kind of what I’m doing now with every time I post an idea or share a photo. Isn’t it?

When i thought that way I got even more excited about this venture. And because I’m such a huge fan of karma, I decided to cull through my homemade scrapbooks of recipes that I’ve been collecting and creating over the last 20 years to see what I could transfer to digital eternity. Four volumes in all now, they consist of recipes I find/found in newspapers, magazines, from friends, the internet, and of course my little culineering noggin. They represent wonderful times with my kids, reminded me of new homes, hard times, celebrations, and discoveries. I was pleased to see that there were at least 25 or more that I had penned and kept, even if they are scribbled and oddly recorded. I’m happy to say the scribing is coming along nicely as I  transfer the contents, as logically as possible, to Word docs, and then eventually, to this website.

Good news. I have just uploaded about a dozen or more new recipes that date from 1996 to present and I’m still going. But if you’re interested in a little nostalgia (note the photos above from the inside of one of my cookbooks started in 1999) just browse the following new recipes:

  • Asian Pineapple Pork
  • Basil Cheese Easy Risotto
  • Brazilian Palm Salad
  • Crispy Asian Macaroni Salad
  • Crock Pot Beef Beaujolais Stew
  • Fruity Dijon Chicken
  • Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup
  • Herbes De Provence Salami Slaw
  • Pineapple Pork Oriental
  • Summer Asparagus Bean Salad
  • Sweet Navy Bean Stew
  • Sweet Tomato and Basil Pasta with Lamb
  • Hot Sausage and Preserves Bruschetta with Cheese

Happy Cooking!!!

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