Beef Up Your Dinner With Blackberries

Misc. / May 22, 2014

Before coming to North Carolina, we lived in Seattle; Redmond to be exact. And growing over our back fence were wild blackberry bushes. They’re kind of a scourge there, overtaking fields and sporting sharp thorns. Sort of the Northwest’s version of Kudzu. But we weren’t complaining. When they were at their most ripe, we would emerge in the morning with coffee in hand and a small basket in tow, and pick the huge, sweet berries right off the vine. Succulent yet accessible, I never got tired of the taste.

Tonight, as we strolled the aisles of the supermarket looking for dinner inspiration, we settled on a nice steak. As we neared the checkout, I noticed the blackberries looked beautiful, and they were on sale. Yep, I grabbed a bunch for sure.

I’ve been eating salads all week, as I try to make sure I stay slim for my niece’s wedding next month. But I just couldn’t bear to put another piece of spring mix in my mouth. Yet, I knew these berries would make a fantastic dressing. The answer? Put this lovely, fuchsia emulsion on the steak itself. With a little mint from the garden, a snappy jalapeno, and some honey, I dressed up our plates and made steak and potatoes something worthy of a weekend or company. I even missed rainy Seattle just a little.

Try it for yourself!

Blackberry, Jalapeño & Mint Vinaigrette


10, fresh, blackberries
1/2 small jalapeno diced
5 leaves mint minced
3 T
cider vinegar
1 T Honey
3 T orange infused olive oil (or a light, fruity blend)
Salt and pepper


  • Macerate black berries either with a mortar and pestle or a fork leaving some chunks large.
  • Add other ingredients and blend thoroughly so ingredients are emulsified. Serve over your favorite meat.

(Note: White potatoes were sliced very thin, and asparagus stalks were sautéed in olive oil and salt and pepper and finished with fresh basil.)

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