Aww, thank you, darlin’! I just love me some sugah…

Breads and Muffins / February 1, 2016
Sunday dawned sunny and warm. Penetrating through my blinds, the sunshine crept onto my table, and into my imagination. I needed something sunny and sweet for breakfast. But then, who doesn’t? And so, anything that is as bright and promising as an orange and tart and happy as Montmorency cherries is always the perfect inspiration for deliciousness.

How did they turn out? Well!!! Perfectly moist, with the right crumble-quotient, and just the right bite, it doesn’t get any better than these scones. Inspired by Southern Living’s recipe I found these to be actually quite easy and consistent. And good, good, good, good!!!

Yes, you might get a little sticky; wielding the dough will leave the imprint of flour and milk on your hands and perhaps your counter tops.  I trust that your spoon will be clean if you’re one who love a little taste of that sweet batter, therefore imprinting a little smile on your heart.

I say ya never can get enough sweetness in life.

Montmorency Cherry and Orange Scones

Inspired by Southern Living’s Ultimate Scones

Makes 8 wedges


2 C all-purpose flour
½ C granulated sugar
1 heaping T baking powder
¾ C plus 2 T milk + another 2 T milk
Zest from one large orange
Juice from one large orange
1 C powdered sugar
Splash pure vanilla extract
Dash of kosher salt
1/3 heaping C dried Montmorency
Flour to dust countertop for dough
Butter to grease cookie sheet


  • ​Cut refrigerated butter into half inch cubes. Place in freezer while you work. Butter a large cookie sheet. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, zest, and baking powder. Using your hands, cut in the cold butter until the butter is the size of small peas. Some people use a food processor but I like to feel the butter mix with the flour mixture. This way some pieces are smaller than peas, others larger. Makes for a more complex and delicious finished product because it is lighter. Now, combine the vanilla and the ¾ C plus 2 T milk. Stir that in with the cherries at the same time, using a large spoon to mix it JUST UNTIL COMBINED. You’ll see flour that’s not quite wet but not much. Don’t over stir.
  • Dump out onto a floured surface, work into a round disc about 9 to 10 inches in diameter. Cut into 8 wedges. Place on cookie sheet and brush with the other 2 T milk. Bake for about 13-15 minutes or until browned. Serve with the orange glaze which is simply orange juice, powdered sugar, a dash of vanilla and a dash of kosher salt. Should be a little runny.

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