A Sweet Saturday Apple Romance 

Desserts / September 30, 2013

Fall has only one drawback, and that is the daylight — colored with amber and golden light, tinged with cool breezes and smacking of honey-ed warmth in the sun — ebbs far too early. To compensate, I like to pack as much fun into a September Saturday as possible. And so it was, after a fresh, farm to fork lunch at Local Dish, purchasing a set of vintage plates from Art Funk and Junk — both on Main Street in Fort, Mill SC — I scurried over to Savannah’s to find a dessert to finish the day and to perch upon the plates that reminded me of autumn’s splendor.

Success was mine! After finding and buying the cutest little carrot cake muffins (which were nice and small and nearly bite size, a welcome respite from the over-indulgent monster-sized confections we seem to have become used to,) I ambled happily out the screen door, and was chased after only to be given a parting gift of this amazing apple creation, pictured above; a moist Honey Apple Caramel Cake plumped with beautiful golden apples from our local North Carolina mountains, and a Caramel Glaze Topping. (Tip, when you’re a food blogger, tell people. Promotion gets you more food!) I knew it would be resplendent, but I had no idea it would carry me away like the first twinges of puppy love. After warming the glaze in the microwave for 5 seconds as told, it shyly but intentionally dripped over the top of the cake and coated it in this sticky, sinful gloriously caramel blanket. Biting into it, I thought, “donut, caramel apple, fritter, and LOVE.” With the warm, spongy mouth-feel of a cake donut, and the burst of sweet apple, I wondered how I had existed without this confection. Then my next thought? It’s just like a first kiss. Warm, surprising, and you simply have to have MORE.

Thank you, Savannah’s for this morsel of monumental mmmmm-ness. I encourage you all to visit them at 124 Confederate Street in Fort Mill, SC and arrange your next event or get away, or see their exciting menu online at www.savannahsroom.com.

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