Sausage and Rice Stuffed Zucchini

Serves 10 as an appetizer or 8 as an entrée


4 long zucchini of uniform thickness
1 1/2 C cooked jasmine rice. Use while still hot
1 lb spicy sausage
3/4 C loosely grated parmigiana
reggiano cheese (I use a zester)
3 large garlic cloves finely chopped or grated
½ C white onion finely diced
2 T breadcrumbs Zest from
1 lemons (about 2 t)
2 t good paprika
2 t good dried oregano
1 t fresh grated nutmeg
2 t salt, 1 t black pepper
2 t Herbs de Provence seasoning
4 T heavy cream
Handful of finely chopped Italian parsley leaves
1/8 C light oil
Additional Paprika and sea salt to garnish


  • Cook the white rice. Set aside. Wash and cut zucchini lengthwise and scoop out middle with seeds. Rub oil over them and place in an appropriately sized baking dish. In another large bowl add the spicy sausage and all ingredients down to heavy cream. Mix well.
  • Add the cooked rice. Mix again. Divide evenly among the 8 spears of zucchini stuffing the mixture into the indentation on each carved out piece. It’s okay to pile it above the tops of the zucchini.Sprinkle a bit more sea salt and paprika on top for color.Bake in a 375 degree oven for 35 minutes,or until sausage is done.
  • For main course serve with a fresh tomato salad. For appetizer cut into smaller pieces and place on a tray.

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