Pear, Fig and Rosemary Galette with Creamy Cambozola Cheese

My original recipe for this galette comes together easily, and the aroma and flavor of the cheese is a heady compliment to the spicy and fruity notes of the fig and pear. You won’t taste the rosemary per se, but the sharp freshness of the herb helps to amplify the fruit, and blend all the flavors in the most amazing way. Serve as an appie and wash down with a glass of champagne. There…Christmas is COMPLETE.


Enough of your favorite pie crust dough for a 15 inch round; usually enough for two crusts. Either your homemade or store bought will work.
3 barlett pears, peels and diced, about 3.5 C
3/4 C mission figs, diced
juice of one lemon
zest from one lemon
1/2 t cinnamon
5 heaping T of white sugar
dash of salt
1/4 t finely chopped fresh rosemary
1/2 C Cambozola cheese, in chunks
drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of raw sugar
flour for working with dough

Roll out dough, let rest for 15 minutes. Place on cookie sheet on top of parchment paper. Mix all fruit, juice, zest, herbs, sugar and cinnamon and salt. Pour into center of dough. Fold over edges. Cook in 375 degree oven for 55 minutes or until edged are golden brown and you see the fruit bubbling. Let cool for an hour, drizzle with honey and sugar, slice and enjoy!

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