Balsamic Honey Meatball Skewers With Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

Makes 12 Skewers


1 package frozen Trader Joe’s Italian Meatballs (There’s usually 12 – 13 in a package)
2 medium zucchinis cut into 24 large chunks
24 large grape tomatoes (I used multi-colored heirloom)
3 T good balsamic
4 T honey
1/3 C plain Greek yogurt
¼ C mayonnaise
Large handful (about 1/3 C of washed leaves) of fresh cilantro
Large handful (about 1/3 C of washed leaves) Italian parsley
2 t kosher salt divided
1/2 t black pepper divided
1 large clove garlic quartered
2 hefty T of chunks white cheddar or other salty hard cheese
1 T light olive oil
1 T heavy cream
12 6” wooden skewers
A little parsley or basil as shown in photo for garnish


  • In a small food processor add the cilantro, parsley, cheese, garlic, 1 t salt and ¼ t pepper, and the oil. Blend until it’s all very small pieces. Add the yogurt and blend for about 2 to 3 second until mostly incorporated. Empty the contents into a serving bowl, add the mayonnaise, and stir everything evenly together with a spoon. Set aside.
  • In a large saucepan cook the meatballs according to package directions until fully heated through. I added water, about ¼ C at a time so they wouldn’t burn or dry out, until they were done. About 5 to 6 minutes. Remove and place in a large bowl. Using the same pan with a bit of remaining moisture and meat frond, add the zucchini and 1 t salt and ¼ t black pepper. Cook for only 30-45 seconds. There’s enough moisture in the zucchini you don’t need to add more water. Plus, you’re only flash cooking them. You don’t want them soft, just barely par-cooked and hot. Empty the zucchini into the bowl with the meatballs. Add the balsamic and the honey and toss well.
  • Take a skewer and add a tomato, then a zucchini slice, then 1 meatball, then another zucchini, and finally a tomato. Do this for all 12 skewers. Place on serving dish. Brush with the rest of the honey balsamic mixture that remains in the bottom of the bowl. Garnish with a bit of parsley if desired. Can serve right away or refrigerate both the prepared skewers and yogurt sauce until later. Bring to room temperature before serving.

©Recipe and Photo Copyright Camine Pappas, 2021. All rights reserved.

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