Peppadew Bean and Salami Salad

Prep Time: 20 minutes. Total 20 minutes


6 pickled Peppadew Peppers, sliced into large chunks 1/2 C of the cuts/pieces of your favorite salami
1 can artichoke quarters, drained
1 3/4 C blanched green beans. I use the frozen ones from Trader Joes, and put them in luke warm water til thawed, then drain and pat dry
1/2 C loose, chopped cilantro
1 can northern white beans, drained and rinsed 1/3 small red onion thinly sliced
Salt and Pepper
Rice Wine Vinegar (About 3 T) Fine Olive Oil (About 3 T)


  • Toss, serve and munch! REALLY good the next day as the vinegar kind of pickles everything and melds the flavors.
  • At this point I often add more ‘stuff.’ Like cold corn, or shrimp. I also think you would be fine to add a small bit of fresh dill, and little sugar if you want sweetness. This is a good base for a LOT of salads that are zingy and colorful!

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