Fresh Apple and Basil Salad

With Pineapple, Cinnamon

Ginger- #fab in 40
Makes 6 servings


4 fairly small crisp Fuji apples, thinly sliced
4 pineapple rings, cut into pieces
½ t cinnamon
1/8 t coriander powder
1/8 t ginger powder
¼ C fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 heaping T granulated sugar
Sesame seeds for garnish
Large bunch of purple basil, about
¼ Cup chopped, divided.


  • Toss all ingredients,adding only half the basil at time of incorporation.Chill for 30 minutes with wet paper towel over the top. Add rest of basil including leaves to garnish if desired, right before serving so the basil won’t be brown.

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