Five Herb Lamb and Potato Stew

Prep time – 45, Marinate for 5 hours, Cook time – 2 hours


4 lbs boneless lamb, shank or leg roast, trimmed of most of the fat and cut into 2 inch chunks.
4 large new potatoes washed, and cut into large chunks
½ C white wine
½ C orange juice
½ white onion


1 C orange juice from concentrate with pulp
½ C fruity white wine
1 T fresh rosemary leaves chopped finely
3 T fresh mint leaves chopped finely
½ T dried tarragon
1 T fresh parsley
¼ t dried basil
4 large garlic cloves, peeled and cut in thirds
Salt and pepper


  • Place meat in marinade and seal in a zip lock bag for at least 5 hours. Bring to room temperature before putting in roasting pan. Pour all of the marinade and the lamb in a heavy iron Dutch oven. Add onion, more salt and pepper, and potatoes along with the extra ½ C white wine and ½ C orange juice. Cook for 2 hour at 325 degrees. Serve with your favorite vegetable and your favorite family peeps!

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