Corn Meal Yogurt Fried Eggplant Marinara

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Serves 2 (Double the recipe works great for 4)


1 medium sized eggplant
cut: 1 ½” discs 1/3 C (+ or-) good olive oil
Salt and pepper (Generous amounts! See recipe for how to season)
¼ C corn meal
¼ C all-purpose flour
½ t oregano
½ t coriander powder
¼ C plain yogurt
2 eggs
Milk to moisten
1 C bottled marinara sauce


  • In a bowl, combine the corn meal, flour,oregano, coriander and about 1 t salt and ¼ t pepper. Combine well. Beat the two eggs and add. Stir to combine. Add enough milk, adding only about 2 T at a time, until it resembles runny pancake syrup. Cut up the egglplant and set on a plate with a paper towel underneath. You’ll use that to drain the eggplant when fried.
  • Bring a large saute pan to high heat and add enough olive oil to be about ¼ inch deep. Dip the eggplant in the better,covering WELL, and fry in the oil until crispy and light brown. (I typically turn the heat to about medium high after they begin to cook so you can keep your oil at a constant temp. If you’re using a deep fryer, fry at 375 degrees F.)Remove, drain. Don’t cover, they’ll get soggy.
  • Heat the marinara in a saucepan. Spread the marinara over.Perfect with fish or on its own with a salad and some parmesan cheese!

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