Cookie Butter Truffles stuffed with Maraschino Cherries

These no-bake elegant treats are a twist on the usual truffle with chocolate. They’re more of a no-bake with class! Roll in powdered sugar, or sugar and cocoa powder, or cinnamon sugar blend. Top as you wish!


4 T butter flavored shortening
½ C Speculoos Brand Cookie Butter
¼ C + 2 T white granulated sugar
¼ packed light brown sugar
½ t vanilla
¼ t salt
¾ C flour
2 T cocoa powder
3 T powdered confectioner’s sugar
1 t cinnamon
Sea salt
Roasted almonds
Maraschino cherries*, patted dry.


  • In a mixer combine the shortening, sugars, cookie butter vanilla, and salt. Mix well. Add the flour ¼ C at a time until incorporated and the batter begins to lift from the sides and collect slightly together around the beater. Remove by teaspoonfuls, or the size of your choice, and roll in palms into a ball and roll into either the cocoa powder mixed with sugar, the cinnamon and 2 T sugar, or a combination of sugar and cinnamon. I topped the cocoa one with sea salt for a great bite. To stuff, take ½ a teaspoon of the dough and roll it in a ball, then make an indent in the center and place the cherry there. Then do the same with another ½ t and cover and seal the edges gently. Then, roll in your hands like the others and cover with your sugary topping choice!
  • *The number of cherries you choose is up to you. You can make half the batch with cherries and half without. I found that it made about 5-6 stuffed and about 8 unstuffed. But your sizes may vary.

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