Cold Bean and Pear Salad

With a Cranberry, Mango Habanero Vinaigrette

Serves 10


1 24 oz. package frozen Haricot Verts from Trader Joes
2 Bartlett or other sweet pears, cut into ½ inch chunks
1/3 C golden raisins
1/3 C cilantro or large handful, reserving some large leaves for garnish
1/3 C shaved slices of white sweet onion
1/3 C Mango Habanero marinade/dressing
¼ C Cranberry Pear White Balsamic or other sweet, fruity white balsamic
1 T light oil
¼ C chopped, crystalized ginger
Salt and pepper to taste


  • Add frozen beans to a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and when you see steam and one or two bubbles, test a bean to make sure it is hot and tender enough. (You do not want to “cook” the beans. They come blanched already. You just want them hot.) Remove from heat, drain and shock beans in cold water to stop cooking process.Drain again when cooled, and thoroughly dry the beans with a paper towel. You don’t want any moisture on them when trying to add dressing.
  • In another bowl, combine the dressing, oil, balsamic, salt and pepper and whisk well. Toss with the pears, onions,and raisins. Then add the beans and toss to coat. Add the cilantro and chill for about an hour for best flavor.

TIP: Can add some tangy goat cheese if desired.

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